And am in kings, queens’ land

Yes, am surprised that I am a resident of the then land  of kings and queens.

If you are thinking this city to be Jaipur, you are absolutely right. I am residing in Jaipur.

Once upon a time, this city used to be my dream city. I used to visit here quite frequently from Delhi to catch up with its royal past. And now when I am here, there are many more reasons for my happiness..

Immersed in lot of stories of royal past, this city still carries a rich heritage of the then rulers. As I have just shifted from the Indian capital, I can now feel that I have started living my life to the best…

  • Firstly, I know what I am breathing is not that polluted as that of Delhi air.
  • Secondly, I don’t find those big traffic jams.
  • I don’t see people stranded on roads.
  • And then, I can trace so many different species of sparrows, on our balcony, on our terrace.
  • And imagine, waking up to the sounds of chirping of sparrows.
  • There is so much space in and around our house.
  • People are polite and lack that showy nature.
  • There are no big mobile towers here that allows different species to fly without fear of radiations.

Here I thank God to have brought me back to a city where people still live life like a human being and not like machines, where evening snacks still bring the taste of mouth-watering dishes and where life is awesome…!













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