When rails, roads and airlines are no help to you…!

Does travelling in India come as a challenge during  urgent circumstances?

My experience says ‘yes’. This is because recently while travelling from Jaipur to Delhi, I got a news that my mother had met with an accident near Indore and has lost her life. I was informed that two of my aunts have also passed away. Mid-way in train, I was clueless how to handle the situation.

My co-passengers started surfing their nets to check tickets in tatkal and general and ladies quota. Much to our surprise, not even a single seat was vacant.

Then, they started surfing net for airlines. Surprisingly, the prices were enormously high for a middle class to handle. While Delhi-Indore morning flight showed Rs 11000 per person as its fare, the evening flight displayed Rs 18000. It meant a dent of above Rs 50000 as we were four in a family.

Left with no choice, we have to book air tickets to Udaipur which were within our reach and from Udaipur, we hired a private vehicle to Ratlam. Overall, it was again a dent of Rs 35000.

In between, we got the news that my cousin is also critical. I wanted to fly away, time looked like the only bottleneck which was stopping me to reach to her.

Emotions ran crazy and tears kept rolling. Wanted to sue the entire system that what am I paying my taxes for if I am not getting the right facility at right time.

The worst happened when during our road journey, we were stranded in long queues many times. This is because it was the last day of Simhastha and many vehicles were stranded at toll taxes counters.

Long queues, endless waits, sweaty summers and immerse mental trauma due to grief and sorrow instilled a traumatic feel.

And hence was forced to pen down my experience that how come there is no facility available for those who want to travel in urgent circumstances? Doesn’t there be a special counter for handling emergency situations?

We think big…are looking forward for a bullet train, have prestigious airlines flying in our skies, have smooth taxis running on roads, but are we able to meet grassroot challenges?

Does someone really care for those who want to travel urgently.

I wish there’s someone who can take my plea forward and introduce emergency quota for those who are distressed and want to reach their destinations fast!


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