The tale of a generous watchman!

The land of royal rulers presented yet another pleasant offering to me! I was left astonished with the generosity of this watchman at Chokhi Dhani.

While we were touring the resort and watching different attractions, my son stopped right in front of Pratap’s statue. He saw the watchman wearing something colourful and holding a Bhala.

He wanted to wear the same dress and get himself clicked. I was little skeptical of requesting him to lend his dress.

It was like a catch 22 situation. I could see him watching my son cry and his eyes expressed his helplessness. I think he was in his line of duty and hence was expressing his helplessness.

But the human soul in him overtook his professional approach soon and he came forward with a solution.

In a very humanitarian gesture, he gave his cap and Bhala to Apoorv, my son and asked him to get himself clicked.

And I could see the satisfaction on his face on looking at the smiling face of my son.

It’s true that satisfaction comes from within and you cant buy it from anywhere! And that satisfaction was very much visible on his face and in an effort to appease my son, I couldn’t even thank this man…

My apologies…Thanks Mr XYZ for giving us such a cherishing memory.


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