…And this boy gets his books back!

Did he go to school or not? This was the question which kept hitting my mind for last 24 hours.

With a bated breath, I was waiting for my maid. Finally she came and she was without her kid.

Immediately, without wait,  I asked her if she has taken him to school for admission, and she nodded her head saying yes.

Believe me, the stress on my face converted into smile!

She said that she too was happy to send her kid to school.

But the pain she shared was quite sad.

She and her husband were daily wagers and used to work in the fields in Bengal village.

Even after toiling hard for 12 hours, they got Rs 300 daily. But when there was no work, they didn’t get any money. With a responsibility to raise three kids, they were forced to migrate.

As their relatives were in Jaipur, they too came here, but now are struggling in dearth of any work.

They money they had brought with them has been exhausted and now this poor lady is working from morning to evening to make the two ends meet.

Surprisingly, she wasn’t knowing that the primary education is free for kids.

I was a little surprised.

Don’t you think these beneficiary schemes for poor need a broader and wider promotion to ensure it reaches to the right audience?

I feel that all beneficiaries schemes for poor need a mass level promotion. The target audience still seem unaware of these schemes.

Like this female wasn’t knowing that primary education comes free of cost. There may be many other females like her who are scared to send their wards to schools thinking of expenses.

Are the concerned authorities listening?


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