This little boy sells his ‘dreams’ on roads!

He is young, naive, intelligent, agile and hardworking! Carrying some 10-12 balloons on his shoulders, you will see him running here and there to sell his colourful range of balloons at SBBJ Chawk in Jaipur.

He will fold his hands, will touch your feet, will request you to buy at least one balloon if you are accompanied with a kid.

As I was with my daughter, he saw me from far off and came running to me. Before he started doing his routine job of folding hands and touching feet, I bought a balloon from him.

And immediately he had a wide broad smile on his face.


“Madaam, these are not my balloons I am selling on streets. These are my dreams which I sell! My dreams to fly high; dreams to pursue some kind of business, dream to stay off from  footpath life and many alike”

“And as I sell one balloon, it is like I have  sold one dream and got money in return. And this money earns me my daily bread.”

“There will be a time when I have sold all my dreams and will get a big money in return which will help in cherishing my dreams!”

He continues without giving a break. I immediately remembered this Rajesh Khanna’s song where he had a bunch of balloons and so carefree he was while singing this song, “Zindagi kaisi hai paheli hai…”

On the contrary, here is this guy, who with his tensed face, is running from one corner to the other, just to get relieved from his dreams.

For a second, was wondering that when child labour is a crime in industries, factories, establishments etc, why is it allowed on streets?

Why there is no check on children selling water, food packets, cold drinks, etc on street amid heavy traffic.

Who is responsible to check their education and their safety on roads?

Am clueless and looking for answers…


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