She comes to graze polythene everyday, but there are no rakshaks to feed her!

Amid the ongoing drama existing between the gau rakshaks and the so-called authorities concerned, I have been seeing this cow regularly visiting on a vacant plot to graze what it is called as polythene.

It was somewhere around a month back when I saw the drama related to ‘cows’ escalating and then suddenly it rose to its peak. There were fights on roads, debates in newspapers and din in our House. However, unaware and least bothered about recent happenings, this cow visits our colony twice a day to find something for her, which can fill her hungry stomach.


Initially, it seems, she waits for someone to come and offer her an adequate diet. However, when she sees no ‘rakshak’ coming to her rescue, she simply goes to a heap of garbage, where there are sufficient number of polythene, which help her get that filling feel.

This mute animal has been totally unaware of how she has been the centre of all debates and how there have been attacks and assaults on streets with ‘she’ being the point of all discussions. Even Prime Minister Narendra Modi had to pitch in to placate this issue, but the plight of this poor animal remains unchanged.

Even the recent case of Hingoriya where carcasses of cows were found tell the pathetic tale of the plight of our ‘mother’ in India.

It’s Janmashtami today and what I know is that Lord Krishna and cows were always together. In fact, Krishna had been a cowherd boy. Today, people are thronging to temples to offer their prayers. There, I see them bowing their heads in front of cows too. Different temples are decorated and there are cows in each and every tableau decorated. But in real world, these cows are left on their own on streets.

Are the go rakshaks listening to the sad tale of this cow? There may be many other cows who have the same story to share, but may be, they are silent, knowing there is none whom they may approach.

Despite several go raksha samities, why the plight of cows is so pathetic in India is difficult to understand. Any answers???

Another sad tale to gau mata’s chapter  in India!  sad!!!


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