As their folk music keeps fading, they sing with a pinching pain

There is an international group all set to rock the stage! While the guitarist is an Australian, the tabla player is an Indian artist residing in Australia. The other two hail from a small village in Rajasthan and are experts to engage the audience with their mastery in their folk music. The duo belongs to Langa and Manganiyar community. While the first two bask in pride of their performances, the other two folk singers sing with a pinching pain, narrating the tale of their sorrow to see their age-old folk music lying on ventilator, sighing on a death bed.

 This group comprises Jeff Lang, Asin Khan Langa Bobby Singh and Bhungar Khan Manganiyar. It was in 2011 when they introduced Maru Tarang, a music band which came into existence in Mehrangarh Fort.

All four of them are from different regions, enjoy different culture, have different roots, yet they form one entity! The local folk artists gel well with Australian artists and prove the fact that music knows no boundaries. They travel together, eat together and sing together!

When they assemble on stage, rendezvous of melodies flow with harmony of music and a feel factor is developed which keep enthralling the audience!

Despite differences of culture, they share an understanding which allows them to perform together.

Meanwhile, Asin Khan and Bhungar Khan are not well-versed in English speaking skills, but they feel one factor, which is taal factor(rhythm’) while performing on stage.

dsc_0034They sing, they sing with heart, but there is a pinching pain in their voice, a pain which narrates the sorrows of their community, of their folk music which is dying a silent death.

The two artists narrate how this art is leaving its roots as the schools who used to train them are vanishing, disappearing in want of sufficient funds from government.

They are in dire need of funds! Are the NGOs listening?

Hoping against the hopes, they have taken their art on global arena, dreaming, that some day, their art will manage to rise from abysmal depths to mark a mark on the global stage!


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