We miss you mamma!

Mamma why you left for heaven above?

Who will now shower the mother’s enormous love?

Who will hug us when we come home?

Your void will be enormous and we will be all alone.

Your sweet smile and care had just no match,

Rest everything in world now looks like a catch.

The house, it seems, has lost its heart,

There’s no warmth left and days too look dark.

I know you must be twinkling in the sky,

And watching us shedding our tears from eye.

I know you might feel bad when you see us cry,

But tears don’t stop and they roll down from eye.

Whom should we talk to when we need your guidance?

In tough times too, you had always shown your patience

We were your darlings and how could you go,

without even sharing your plans for heavenly abode.

That holy dip became your final voyage,

And we couldn’t even know that we will come to give you final homage.

The life looks tough n dad too looks feeble,

Everything it seems is difficult to handle.

But we will try to be strong,

to follow what you have taught,

‘No matter what happens

But The Show Must Go On…!’

We will smile,

Will bask in pride,

Coz you were our mom,

and will wish, you should always be our mom!