Dealing strictly with female employee amounts to sexual harassment: Govt body

An inquiry panel set up by a govt institute recently declared that dealing women strictly for dereliction amounts to sexual harassment? Doesn’t this report come as a shame when we talk of women empowerment and want equality for women both in work and wages. If this what we call as women empowerment, then those women, who want to walk shoulder-to-shoulder with men would prefer backing off from work than to enjoy such liberalities.


Believe it or not! An inquiry panel called by a government body recently proclaimed that dealing strictly with female employee amounts to sexual harassment.
In this episode, the female employee, habitual of reporting late, leaving office early and taking frequent leave without informing her reporting authority, was questioned by her immediate boss.
Getting vindictive, she accused him of harassing her sexually. An inquiry was immediately ordered in this case and what the judgement claimed is quite surprising.
The judgement proclaims that the officer cannot ask her in writing for the reasons of her absence from office. Even in cases when the Supreme Court ruled that it is paramount for all employees to be in office to meet deadlines of the proposed work, he shouldn’t dare to raise his pitch for their dereliction of duties or else he might be in a soup.
Doesn’t this ruling come as a surprise when we all talk high of women empowerment?
Meanwhile, the report mentions that while the charges of sexual harassment couldn’t be proved, but as the officer had dealt with the female strictly, it does account to sexual harassment. Quite contradictory! Isn’t it.
Now what is all the more interesting is how the inquiry officers culminated the proceedings.
They asked the respective officer to meet the so-called ‘victim’ and apologise for his ‘misdeeds’ which include asking her reasons for her absence.
Moral of the story:
If you have a women worker right under you who comes and leaves office at her own wish and will,let her do the work as she wishes or else she can pounce on you for interrupting in the freedom she is enjoying under the garb of women empowerment.

Mr PM, let’s defocus on corruption & start discussing honest officers! They can make Clean India with clean endeavours by clearing corruption!

demotivated-staff.jpgWhen demonetisation drive has already triggered rampant round of discussions on corrupt officials, I would like to divert the attention towards the life of honest government officials. Their agonies are unending and there is no taker for their plight. They are silent witness to lot many corrupt practices and can give a helping hand to govt machinery for smooth functioning of a nation. Let’s refer to the plight of one government official working with an autonomous body of Ministry of HRD who is paying a daily cost of being honest to his duty by losing his health, wealth, character and most important- his mental peace!

This Mr Clean officer is continuously being harassed by his seniors and co-workers, who work hand-in-gloves, to accomplish their self-seeking vested interests.

His role keeps on changing every month without giving any specifications/ reasons. His work station too keeps changing in short tenures as he disallows his employees to earn through wrong channels.

Eventually, over a period of time, he starts living on the mercy of his officials with his job description changing every month.

He often plays the role of whistleblower when he gets to know about rampant irregularities in his office, only to get penalised in his endeavour to keep his office working clean. He continues informing his authorities, senior authorities, member secretary and chairperson about such malpractices along with suitable proofs, but all in vain.

credit :satyamev jayate+vida manejo

All through this process, his trust on Satyamev Jayate doesn’t get shaken and he continues his fight. His co-workers lure him to join their endeavour but he maintains a distance from them. This is because his values never allow him to compromise.

In return, he gets transferred from one location to other frequently, from south to west, from north to east and what not. The cost of his honesty is being paid by his family who feels tormented with such penalties. He gets trapped in concocted plans of his co-workers. Still he doesn’t lose hope and continues fighting. His seniors keep tormenting him after issuing memorandum after memorandum. And he keeps replying to them without breaking the chain. His corrupt colleagues get frequent promotions and this poor fellow is asked to make endless waits for the same.

The corrupt senior authorities take the mileage of absence of transfer policy in his office and keep scaring this poor man of the same.

His other co-workers keep luring him to earn money via illegal means to safeguard his future. But, he being strong on his principles, refuses to compromise at any cost!

With his limited saving, he takes court’s shelter too. But the power and money-hungry officials here too use their power and govt money to emerge out as winners of the game. They bring entire corrupt machinery together. They hire the best of the advocates to prove this innocent man guilty through hook or crook.

They initiate unwanted inquiries, ask their co-officials to travel from one headquarter to another to chalk out right strategy, pay hefty fee to advocates while wasting lakhs of government money.

And this common man, amid all ‘rich and royal’ officials, start dying a slow death. His blood pressure keeps fluctuating. His visits to doctor keep increasing, his medical bills continue to rise and his family’s sufferings refuse to end.

Now, Mr PM, can you please answer the following questions, as they could end the plight of such honest government officials?

What should an employee do if the entire staff is indulged in corruption?

What should he do if the senior authorities do not lend their ear to his grievances?

What should he do if all corrupt officials join hands against him?

What should he do if despite having all proofs, he still gets transferred quite frequently for one or the other reason?

What should he do if he feels demotivated and gets suicidal because there is no senior authority who takes a positive stand after listening to his grudges?

Looking forward for a reasonable solution from a man who has made a mark on global world with his prudent moves and who is looking forward to a clean India!

As their folk music keeps fading, they sing with a pinching pain

There is an international group all set to rock the stage! While the guitarist is an Australian, the tabla player is an Indian artist residing in Australia. The other two hail from a small village in Rajasthan and are experts to engage the audience with their mastery in their folk music. The duo belongs to Langa and Manganiyar community. While the first two bask in pride of their performances, the other two folk singers sing with a pinching pain, narrating the tale of their sorrow to see their age-old folk music lying on ventilator, sighing on a death bed.

 This group comprises Jeff Lang, Asin Khan Langa Bobby Singh and Bhungar Khan Manganiyar. It was in 2011 when they introduced Maru Tarang, a music band which came into existence in Mehrangarh Fort.

All four of them are from different regions, enjoy different culture, have different roots, yet they form one entity! The local folk artists gel well with Australian artists and prove the fact that music knows no boundaries. They travel together, eat together and sing together!

When they assemble on stage, rendezvous of melodies flow with harmony of music and a feel factor is developed which keep enthralling the audience!

Despite differences of culture, they share an understanding which allows them to perform together.

Meanwhile, Asin Khan and Bhungar Khan are not well-versed in English speaking skills, but they feel one factor, which is taal factor(rhythm’) while performing on stage.

dsc_0034They sing, they sing with heart, but there is a pinching pain in their voice, a pain which narrates the sorrows of their community, of their folk music which is dying a silent death.

The two artists narrate how this art is leaving its roots as the schools who used to train them are vanishing, disappearing in want of sufficient funds from government.

They are in dire need of funds! Are the NGOs listening?

Hoping against the hopes, they have taken their art on global arena, dreaming, that some day, their art will manage to rise from abysmal depths to mark a mark on the global stage!

Let’s reinvent kitchen with clay-made vessels

Am going back to basics! Surprised? Ok, now let me elaborate! I am reinventing my kitchen which is sure to go for a makeover.

My steel and aluminium vessels are slowly going off the shelves and are being replaced by clay-made utensils. Yeah, you can say that I am revisiting those old good days.

While chapatis in my kitchen are now being  cooked on a reddish brown clay-made pan, curd and milk are also being kept in the same-kind vessels.

earthern-vesselNow, you must be surprised why am I doing so! It’s because clay-made vessels help us in maintaining our health. it restores the natural taste of food being cooked and also retains its nutrient value, which, at times, get lost in aluminium and steel vessel.

Moisture and heat circulate easily in clay pots due to their porous nature. And hence the vegetable gets cooked slowly, maintaining its natural taste.

Also, as clay has alkaline nature, it balances the PH factor of food by interacting with acid presence in the food.

So try different this Diwali! You know you will be take care of your health and nature by getting a makeover of your kitchen!

She comes to graze polythene everyday, but there are no rakshaks to feed her!

Amid the ongoing drama existing between the gau rakshaks and the so-called authorities concerned, I have been seeing this cow regularly visiting on a vacant plot to graze what it is called as polythene.

It was somewhere around a month back when I saw the drama related to ‘cows’ escalating and then suddenly it rose to its peak. There were fights on roads, debates in newspapers and din in our House. However, unaware and least bothered about recent happenings, this cow visits our colony twice a day to find something for her, which can fill her hungry stomach.


Initially, it seems, she waits for someone to come and offer her an adequate diet. However, when she sees no ‘rakshak’ coming to her rescue, she simply goes to a heap of garbage, where there are sufficient number of polythene, which help her get that filling feel.

This mute animal has been totally unaware of how she has been the centre of all debates and how there have been attacks and assaults on streets with ‘she’ being the point of all discussions. Even Prime Minister Narendra Modi had to pitch in to placate this issue, but the plight of this poor animal remains unchanged.

Even the recent case of Hingoriya where carcasses of cows were found tell the pathetic tale of the plight of our ‘mother’ in India.

It’s Janmashtami today and what I know is that Lord Krishna and cows were always together. In fact, Krishna had been a cowherd boy. Today, people are thronging to temples to offer their prayers. There, I see them bowing their heads in front of cows too. Different temples are decorated and there are cows in each and every tableau decorated. But in real world, these cows are left on their own on streets.

Are the go rakshaks listening to the sad tale of this cow? There may be many other cows who have the same story to share, but may be, they are silent, knowing there is none whom they may approach.

Despite several go raksha samities, why the plight of cows is so pathetic in India is difficult to understand. Any answers???

Another sad tale to gau mata’s chapter  in India!  sad!!!

Long queues but empty counters@Fortis Jaipur

Can you imagine a world-class hospital forcing you to stand in long queues for long time despite paying a regular fee?

It might look unbelievable but then it did come true when we went to Fortis Jaipur on August 16th, which was Monday and had come after a long weekend. We thought there might be a heavy rush in the first half and hence we left at 2 pm thinking that the week-end rush might disappear by afternoon. However, much to our surprise, all counters at OPD were vacant and there was a big queue at one counter which was the only functional counter.


There was a mad rush, people in queue were screaming and no discipline was being followed at all!

The only gentleman working at the only OPD was taking calls, making slips, arranging for cash and what not! The crowd was seen coming from all sides and there was no systematic IMG_20160816_160323procedure being followed.

It seemed as if we had entered any government hospital with things running topsy-turvy. Even there was no one available at the inquiry counter.

For a while, I was thinking what’s the use of opening this big OPD when there is no staff available to attend to the patients’ queries.

Sorry Fortis, but then I never expected this kind of management from your side. Had it been a government hospital we could have complained to the senior authorities, but in your case, whom should we approach?

This little boy sells his ‘dreams’ on roads!

He is young, naive, intelligent, agile and hardworking! Carrying some 10-12 balloons on his shoulders, you will see him running here and there to sell his colourful range of balloons at SBBJ Chawk in Jaipur.

He will fold his hands, will touch your feet, will request you to buy at least one balloon if you are accompanied with a kid.

As I was with my daughter, he saw me from far off and came running to me. Before he started doing his routine job of folding hands and touching feet, I bought a balloon from him.

And immediately he had a wide broad smile on his face.


“Madaam, these are not my balloons I am selling on streets. These are my dreams which I sell! My dreams to fly high; dreams to pursue some kind of business, dream to stay off from  footpath life and many alike”

“And as I sell one balloon, it is like I have  sold one dream and got money in return. And this money earns me my daily bread.”

“There will be a time when I have sold all my dreams and will get a big money in return which will help in cherishing my dreams!”

He continues without giving a break. I immediately remembered this Rajesh Khanna’s song where he had a bunch of balloons and so carefree he was while singing this song, “Zindagi kaisi hai paheli hai…”

On the contrary, here is this guy, who with his tensed face, is running from one corner to the other, just to get relieved from his dreams.

For a second, was wondering that when child labour is a crime in industries, factories, establishments etc, why is it allowed on streets?

Why there is no check on children selling water, food packets, cold drinks, etc on street amid heavy traffic.

Who is responsible to check their education and their safety on roads?

Am clueless and looking for answers…