…And this boy gets his books back!

Did he go to school or not? This was the question which kept hitting my mind for last 24 hours.

With a bated breath, I was waiting for my maid. Finally she came and she was without her kid.

Immediately, without wait,  I asked her if she has taken him to school for admission, and she nodded her head saying yes.

Believe me, the stress on my face converted into smile!

She said that she too was happy to send her kid to school.

But the pain she shared was quite sad.

She and her husband were daily wagers and used to work in the fields in Bengal village.

Even after toiling hard for 12 hours, they got Rs 300 daily. But when there was no work, they didn’t get any money. With a responsibility to raise three kids, they were forced to migrate.

As their relatives were in Jaipur, they too came here, but now are struggling in dearth of any work.

They money they had brought with them has been exhausted and now this poor lady is working from morning to evening to make the two ends meet.

Surprisingly, she wasn’t knowing that the primary education is free for kids.

I was a little surprised.

Don’t you think these beneficiary schemes for poor need a broader and wider promotion to ensure it reaches to the right audience?

I feel that all beneficiaries schemes for poor need a mass level promotion. The target audience still seem unaware of these schemes.

Like this female wasn’t knowing that primary education comes free of cost. There may be many other females like her who are scared to send their wards to schools thinking of expenses.

Are the concerned authorities listening?


This kid leaves his books & holds broom to help his mom

He is eight! A very innocent kid! Never makes an eye contact! But is very diligent in his work. So engaged is he in his job, that he never looks left or right while performing his duty.

He, along with his mother, two sisters and father, has shifted to Jaipur from Bengal in search of work. While his father is still looking for job, his mother has started doing household work in many houses. Sisters are being looked upon by father at his place.

Since last two days, this kid was coming with his mother to my place for work.  He simply walked with her while she was cleaning the house and doing other work. I didn’t bother because my work was being done perfectly.

The third day, he was alone, without his mother. The only thing he uttered me was maaa aa rahi hai. I was in kitchen so I just nodded my head. By the time I went out from the kitchen, he had already cleaned two of the rooms.

The rooms were immaculately clean.

But then, I stopped him and asked why is he doing this work.

“Maa ki madaad kar raha hoon, woh pados mein bartan dho rahi hai.”

(I am helping my mother who is washing utensils in the neighbour’s house)

Oh my God! My heart was melted…so much that I wanted to hug this kid. His eyes were telling the tale of his innocence and helplessness. I was speechless.

By then, his mother came.

My emotions came out in the form of anger and I asked her the reason for bringing this kid along with her. I also asked her why is he not sent to school.

“We have just come from Bengal and there is no work for us. His father is looking for some kind of work. Once he gets it, I will start sending him to school. Till then, he has offered to help me,“ she informed.

As I am busy from morning to afternoon, who will go for his admission? she further added.

“Please send him to school. I don’t want him to accompany you in any house,” I had to be clear to her in a little tough voice as I was feeling low within.

Yesterday, this boy didn’t come with her. She informed me that his father has taken him to school. I was glad, excited and anxious if all goes well!

Today, I am still sitting and waiting…for the result, if this kid has got enrolled in school.