Dealing strictly with female employee amounts to sexual harassment: Govt body

An inquiry panel set up by a govt institute recently declared that dealing women strictly for dereliction amounts to sexual harassment? Doesn’t this report come as a shame when we talk of women empowerment and want equality for women both in work and wages. If this what we call as women empowerment, then those women, who want to walk shoulder-to-shoulder with men would prefer backing off from work than to enjoy such liberalities.


Believe it or not! An inquiry panel called by a government body recently proclaimed that dealing strictly with female employee amounts to sexual harassment.
In this episode, the female employee, habitual of reporting late, leaving office early and taking frequent leave without informing her reporting authority, was questioned by her immediate boss.
Getting vindictive, she accused him of harassing her sexually. An inquiry was immediately ordered in this case and what the judgement claimed is quite surprising.
The judgement proclaims that the officer cannot ask her in writing for the reasons of her absence from office. Even in cases when the Supreme Court ruled that it is paramount for all employees to be in office to meet deadlines of the proposed work, he shouldn’t dare to raise his pitch for their dereliction of duties or else he might be in a soup.
Doesn’t this ruling come as a surprise when we all talk high of women empowerment?
Meanwhile, the report mentions that while the charges of sexual harassment couldn’t be proved, but as the officer had dealt with the female strictly, it does account to sexual harassment. Quite contradictory! Isn’t it.
Now what is all the more interesting is how the inquiry officers culminated the proceedings.
They asked the respective officer to meet the so-called ‘victim’ and apologise for his ‘misdeeds’ which include asking her reasons for her absence.
Moral of the story:
If you have a women worker right under you who comes and leaves office at her own wish and will,let her do the work as she wishes or else she can pounce on you for interrupting in the freedom she is enjoying under the garb of women empowerment.

She dresses like queen & sells vegetables under sun!

Colourful lehengas, beautiful bangles, tinkling anklets, glorified traditional bore, this female has all sorts of jewelleries which make her look like a royal queen of some kingdom. However, the wrinkles on her face speak a different story. And then there is an evergreen smile on her face, which makes you feel that there is a hidden story of agony and pain behind this smile.

Every day I meet her…We talk, we talk about vegetables, about their prices, about the weather and what not!

Yeah, because she sells vegetables right next to my place.

I have seen her braving the deadliest of summers, the scorching sun, the harsh humidity and these days, I am watching her battling the rains.

But she has been the same; with her radiating smile, the wooing charisma, the beautiful dressing sense, she has been appealing all.

In summers, when temperature was soaring high to 45-46 degree celsius and we preferred to pack ourselves in AC rooms, I have seen this female standing with her cart under a tree shade. Once she showed me how the harsh heat rash is affecting her body.

I could see the prickly heat covering her body all over, but, yet again, there were no complaints. A smile was still there on her face and I was wondering how a person can smile in so much pain.

I have been brought up listening to the tales of Rajput women who are known the world over for their bravery, valour and sacrifice for the well-being of their kingdom and families.

Here, I am watching a Rajput female, full of life, fighting the challenges of everyday life, to make her two ends meet!

Irrespective of the weather woes, I have seen her reporting daily for her duty; and her marketing skills are excellent too; she always prefers giving you something extra, with an appealing smile, which can’t resist you to come to her the next day!

We work in the best firms, draw handsome salaries and still have loads of grudges against our surroundings.

Don’t you think this female stands tall as an inspiration for one and all?

Let’s salute the spirit of this women and take some lessons from her to live a quality life by learning her art of living happily. 

Why our scriptures kept females next to animals and illiterates?

When the going gets tough, tough gets going…

So true! Fighting challenges, I recalled my mom’s advice to read Sundar Kand from Ramayana.

Every Saturday, I make a schedule to sit and read it, but, believe me, every time, I get struck on the lines where females are kept next to animals, drum, illiterates and lower caste people. Each time I read it, I think what might have triggered the brain cells of Saint Tulsidas to keep women next to such class beings.

If our religious scriptures, which are read in every household, are giving this kind of status to female folk, imagine the reason why females are still awaiting the right kind of respect from their family members. The lines which are disturbing me are as following: 

Dhor, Gunwar, Kshudra, Pashu, Naari

Saakal tadna ke adhekari

I won’t get into the detailed meaning of these lines, but yes, what upsets me is the reason why we, our class, is there.

Why till date, none of the females did ever raise a question on these lines? Should we stand as mute spectators and continue chanting these lines because it has been done since years? Or should we stand up and ask the authorities to get these lines erased as it’s more like giving disrespect to the women class, who, in today’s time, run shoulder-to-shoulder with men.

Shouldn’t we be allowed to stand different, shouldn’t we be enjoying a higher privilege? Shouldn’t we be put on a higher echelon for we are the creators, the house-runners and the ones who know how to make sacrifice to make things better? Then why are we kept next to illiterates and animals?

Lot many thoughts; confusion, anger, a feeling of suppression and aggression are on top of my mind while writing this blog.

I am unable to find out why women class has to be kept with illiterates, animals, lower class and a drum. This part of Ramayana was written in 15th century. Was the situation of female folks so bad that they had to be described in this way.

Accepted that females were not given their due rights in 15th century, but what NOW?

Why are females still reading these lines? Don’t you think that we should stand up and uplift our own status because none of the other sections of the society will fight for us.